Professors accreditation

General regulation of Ufes (accreditation and reaccreditation of faculty members):The professors of the Postgraduate Program must produce scientific and technological studies with certified value according to the criteria established by the internal and external agencies of monitoring and evaluation in the Posgraduate program.
The professors must be registered in Plataforma Lattes, in CNPq and must maintain it updated reporting their scientific and technological studies at least twice whitin a year (up to June 30th and until December 31st).
The faculty members of the Postgraduate Programs are ranked into two categories: Standing professors and collaborators professors.
After the accreditation of the Postgraduate Program, inclusion, disconnection and the categorizing of the professors which are faculty members, must receive the approval of its colegiate body academic calendar.
The permanence criteria and the professors categorization must be established in the internal policy of each Postgraduate Program taking into account the guidelines of its area of CAPES evaluation.
The categorization of the professors will be made annually.
The accession request of a professor to a Postgraduate program will be formalized by the consent form filling to "Postgarduate program participation" seen in attaches set out in annexes l and ll of the Postgraduate Program general regulation.

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